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The Tavern

In the hotel’s Tavern a very special environment has been created to bring you hundreds of years back in time. Everything is based on traditional artisans’ work where the combination of wood, iron and stone strikes as you enter the premises. The Menu is also very special: it offers quite a variety of traditional dishes prepared with BIO products coming fresh every day from local farms. This guarantees our guests not only tasty h dishes but also healthy food, away from products with questionable origin, very present in today’s markets. All this comes back to our dedication to a healthier environment. In the meanwhile, at the hotel’s Tavern, we also offer some of the best international dishes to satisfy thus, the tastes of everyone. From the Italian pasta to the American Steak, a large range of dishes has been carefully selected by our Chef as part of the menu. If you plan a business lunch, family dinner or a once-in-a-lifetime event, our Tavern offers one of the best solutions turning into the perfect venue. A number of events that have taken place here are now part of personal lives of many, as a unique experience.

The restaurant offers a variety of Albanian cooking specialties (mainly in Tirana, Elbasan, Shkodra, etc.) Here you will find cookings, specific to these areas, cooked by the best specialists in Albania. You will Will be able to consume American food, French or Italian in a single location.We strive to create extraordinary recipes assessed with the best prices to ensure that our guests will spend extraordinary experience in our hotel.

A very important part of our restaurant are the drinks you can find. The minibar is filled with drinks from the diverse care in particular to adapt the delicious food with the appropriate beverage. You will find great wine at our minibar, new energy drinks in the market as well as all other alcoholic beverages provided 24 to 24. We want you to feel like home, so the hotel offers room service tending that you enjoy unique food in your privacy.